Grit Nation - The Building Trades Podcast

January 2022 Promo

January 02, 2022 Season 4 Episode 1
Grit Nation - The Building Trades Podcast
January 2022 Promo
Show Notes

 Hi, Joe Cadwell here, the writer producer and host of Grit Nation

If asked what I like most about hosting a podcast, I would have to say getting to talk with some really interesting folks is at the top.

For example, last season alone I had the pleasure of speaking with industry leaders, authors, and innovators like - Brian Bogert, Ken Rusk, Jamie McCallum, Joann Greeley, Patrick Town and the three Mark’s - Torres, McDermott and Martinez. 

Their insight, wisdom, and perspective really delivered. I hope you agree.

Season 4 promises to be a strong one as well.

For example, my interview with New York Times contributor and  

author of 

Dirty Work - Essential Jobs and the Hidden Toll of Inequality in America, 

Eyal Press is going to be a great one.

Eyal and I discuss occupations that often takes place in the shadows of society.

From workers on the “kill floors” of industrial slaughterhouses to drone pilots who carry out targeted assassinations, 

his book Dirty Work, digs deep into the nature of morally questionable work and the mental strain it places on those who perform it.

In another season 4 release, I talk with award-winning journalist, Katrina Onstad, about her book, The Weekend Effect – which addresses; The life-changing benefits of taking time off and challenging the cult of overwork.  

Katrina and I will discuss organized labor’s role in establishing the 2-day weekend and why it is so important to protect these sacred 48 hours.

You may have noticed the show went through a bit rebranding recently. 

What originally started as a regional show highlighting carpenters in the Pacific NW has grown in size and scope and is now listened to nationally and internationally.

So regardless if you’re a carpenter, iron worker, plumber, electrician, laborer or work in a specialized craft, our futures as the builders of infrastructure and generational wealth is something to be proud of.

As always, the mission of this podcast is to shine a positive light on those who choose to do the tough, dirty, overlooked and often underappreciated work that keeps the gears of society turning.

As 2022 begins, but my promise to you is to continue provide quality, informative, and thought-provoking content that is beneficial to your life and career. 

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