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Stepping Up Series - Union Delegates

May 23, 2021 Season 2 Episode 38
Grit NW - Built Union Strong
Stepping Up Series - Union Delegates
Show Notes

In this episode I look into the role and responsibilities of the Union Delegate.

Delegates are elected by the members, to represent their local union at the regional level, and play an important role in shaping the direction of the union.

Delegates bring forward, and vote on decisions that can affect the lives and livelihoods of their constituents and their families. These decisions include operating budgets, organizing direction, and political endorsements.

Delegates are also responsible for electing the Executive Committee members, including the Executive Secretary-Treasurer or EST, the President, and the Vice-President. 

The role of delegate is hugely important in any well-functioning organization and today I have the pleasure of speaking with NW Carpenters representative, local 146 member and union delegate Don Stover.

Hi, I’m Joe Cadwell the writer, producer and host of Grit NW. I am also President of the NW Carpenters Union and I can speak from personal experience the value in working closely with councils’ delegates to affect positive change for our members.

We’ll start today’s conversation by learning what Don feels he has gained since being elected to the position and more importantly what he has been able to give back.

Next, we will discuss, what qualities Don feels a delegate needs to have to be effective in their roll. 

Later we will look at the responsibilities of a delegate and how the decisions they make can have huge repercussions on the operation of our crafts. 

And we will wrap up our conversation by giving you the information you need if you are interested in becoming a leader in our union by running for the office of delegate.

This episode is part of my effort to recognize opportunities within our organization for members to step-up and take ownership of their union and their future.

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